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Hi I'm Alistar - a free-lance computer guy who can help you out with websites, data recovery, PC/Mac issues, and all-around technical support.  I welcome any type of computer problem, and prefer to work with individuals and small business.  

If you live in Western Massachusetts around the Berkshire County area,  just ask for pickup and drop-off service. Beats driving right?  Maybe you have some other need like fixing a network or building/finding a new computer? Let me know. You can also keep up-to-date with tech topics at my twitter site.   

Give me a call at 413.889.1076 or email me at You'll be glad you did. I fix your computer, network, and website problems.  It is that simple. No really.

Lastly, I accept paypal, credit, bitcoin, checks, and cash. Best of all, 3% of all profits go to animal charities.

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